Lessons Learned: One Month on the Road

We set out on our adventure one month ago today and we’ve had some wild and wonderful experiences thus far. During our travels in London and Spain we have learned a series of lessons that we have recorded here.

  • Life is easier when you have an organized backpack.
  • You can’t do everything. You will miss full days of activities because it’s 100 degrees out. Your skin will thank you for staying inside.
  • Spanish pub crawls last until 6:00am: be prepared.
  • The budget is annoying at first, but it’ll keep you in check along the way.
  • Try new things: even if that means eating food that still has eyes.
  • Stopping for pictures is always worth it.
  • Cherish Mexican food when you find it, you probably won’t find it again.
  • Get out of your comfort zone! Yes, it’s cliche but when you’re uncomfortable, you are growing.
  • Spanish Red Hot Chili Peppers cover bands are the bomb.
  • It’s worth it to strike up a conversation with the strangers in your hostel.
  • Make sure your server gives you the correct change back. And never let your credit card out of your sight. And always ask for your receipt. Just always be aware when other people handle your money.
  • Sometimes the best way to get to the beach is to walk through the desert. (This is kind of a metaphor, but it actually happened to us in Cabo de Gata.)
  • Try to catch as many sunrises and sunsets (and pokemon) as you can.
  • When you have the opportunity to go camping on an island: do it.
  • The best way to learn about the country you’re in is by talking to the locals in their own language. This means practicing Spanish and sometimes embarrassing yourself.
  • Ramen + corn + chicken nuggets = culinary masterpiece.
  • Air conditioning is a privilege.
  • Waking up early is hard, but it makes you feel productive even if you’re only going to the beach.
  • Say “yes”/”sí.”
  • Mistakes are lessons learned. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Remember the mantra: “we are learning.”


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